Among the many followers of Horse Racing, there are few that believe that speed handicapping, or any form of handicapping, can provide a total solution to finding winners. There are those that believe that it provides part of the solution and there are those that hold the belief that it offers nothing. I fall very much into the camp that believe it can offer a total solution and that the real issue lies with how speed figures are compiled and viewed. The purpose and motivation behind this blog is to measure speed figures compiled by myself, against one of the most respected and profitable tipsters: ATR's Hugh Taylor.

For each All Weather selection Hugh Taylor makes, I will offer my top rated from my Horse Racing Tips blog as my selection in the race mirroring the stake defined by Hugh Taylor on his selection. This should put Hugh Taylor at distinct advantage with the choice of race and his chosen stake.

It is important that this blog is seen in the right light in that I have the greatest respect and admiration for Hugh Taylor and this is simply to test my mechanical process against a top tipster that uses a multi-faceted selection process.

2014: The Actuary finished the year +25.05 points ahead of Hugh Taylor

Hugh Taylor recorded a profit of +199.79 pts in 2014 for all selections. Subscribers to The Actuary recorded a profit of +400.75 pts on the All Weather!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Hugh Taylor v The Actuary

The purpose and motivation behind this blog is to measure my Speed Figures against something more tangible than my own history. The prerequisites behind my choice were to find a publication or individual with a high level of respect and creditability. I have no wish to measure Speed Figure against Speed Figure so looked for someone using a different selection method that would still allow direct comparison. Given that my speciality is All Weather racing made it difficult for me to find a medium that ticked all the boxes.

The decision was to compare with the the much admired champion top tipster of ATR Hugh Taylor. Each time Hugh puts up an All Weather selection my top rated will be my selection (

It is important that this blog is seen in the right light in that I am not throwing down a direct challenge to Hugh Taylor who I have the greatest respect for, but more to test my mechanical process against a top tipster. The one major disadvantage I will have is that I will only be able to compare in the All Weather races that Hugh Taylor has made selections in.

My selection process differs greatly to those of Hugh Taylor and is intentionally mechanical. This has been driven by the many books I have read that promise the key to profit but offer only ambiguity and contradictions. As my usual selection process and staking plan is a percentage (these are not the published speed figures) I will bring my in-line on to the following scale

0-50% 1pt, 51-60% 2pts, 61-70% 3pts, 71-80% 4pts, 81-100% 5pts

If my mechanical process can prove a creditable comparison I hope this blog will inspire others to open there eyes to the possibility that Horse Racing can be profitable (that is not to say it is an income to be relied upon) and that you can rub shoulders with those you perceive to be your peers and even surpass their exploits and prove without a doubt that if given the formulae to my mechanical process we would arrive at the same conclusion and selection AND make a profit!

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